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Moulded Rubber Training Grips teach a correct golf grip - instantly!

One cannot overstate the importance of a good grip on the golf club. The moulded rubber training grip is an essential golf teaching and learning aid for both new and established golfers.

These preformed golf club grips make it easy for a beginning golf to pick up the golf club right the first time. For more established players, these moulded rubber Training Grips also make it easier to learn grip changes.

The Moulded Rubber Training Grip is designed to mould the hands into a standard Vardon overlapping or interlocking grip. The fingers fit around ridges that serve as guides for the correct hand position, while two white painted "Vís" indicate the proper placement of the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

The Moulded Rubber Training Grip works great as a teaching aid, or install it on a practice club to make the correct grip become second nature.

Available in Gents Right Hand, Ladies Right Hand (also suitable for juniors) and Gents Left Hand.

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