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Consistent setup is key! Full view of your eyes, shoulders, shaft, putter face and arms in the Edge Mirror. A bonus of our Edge Mirror is that it is made of a new virtually unbreakable material and features a special scratch resistant coating.

The first time you run the heel of your putter along the Edge Rail you will see, feel and hear a stroke you can trust. Use indoors or outdoors!

The world’s best players walk onto the putting green with the Edge, you can too...

The Edge Putting Mirror gives you consistent setup:

Putter Alignment Lines - Make sure you are aimed at your target and that your putter face is square to that line.
Built-in Gate Drills - Test how your stroke is performing, and make the quick adjustments.
Extra Durable - Made of polycarbonate (like bulletproof glass), scratch resistant clear coat, non-skid polyethylene base.

See, Feel and hear a stroke you can trust with the Edge Rail:

Professional Grade - Made of USA steel with a powder coat finish.
Why is the Rail Set at a 70 Degree Angle? This is the lie angle of most putters. Your putter will travel like it was built to - when you bring the putter off the ground it will travel slightly inside the line, and return squarely to the ball with ease. This is what a "solid" putt feels and looks like.
Markings on the Face of the Rail - check your putter’s distance back and through and shaft rotation.
•Rail may be used with or without the Edge Mirror

Why are there 3 different rails or Plane Angles to choose from?
The Edge Putting System comes with a 70˚ rail as standard, however there is also a 64˚ rail and a 90˚ rail available separately. This allows you to choose a rail to suit the various putting styles - straight back and through, on-plane stroke, and a more arcing stroke with eyes inside the line.

Another purpose: Feel the various strokes and decide what feels the most natural to you.

Ultimate training purpose: Use the principle Over Compensation…a proven method to refine motion.
If your mistake is taking the putter outside too much, make 25 strokes on the 64˚ rail. It will feel like you are wrapping the putter around you. When you drop back to the 70˚ rail - where you should probably be, it will feel much more natural. The same process applies to a “too inside” stroke - use the 90˚ rail for awhile.

The Edge Putting Mirror and Edge Rail are also available to be purchased separately.

Download: Eyeline Golf Edge Putting System Quick Guide     Eyeline Golf Edge Putting System Quick Guide

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